Crochet at Vogue Knitting Live!

For today’s #HappyVonday post, I’m gonna play a little hardball.

For years I’ve heard people complain (and have voiced my complaints as well) that crochet is un(der)represented in the overall industry, and at many yarn-centric or fiber-related events. I realize the nature of these events cater to knitters; however, both knitters and crocheters use yarn and/or thread; seems a simple fact to me.

I’ll skip statistics, ’cause that’s not my thing, and if ya really wanna know, you could always research it; I’m also gonna avoid ‘buzzwords’ and ‘speak’. Some crocheters have been consistently vocal about having ‘equal time’, and it’s becoming more obvious that pockets of the industry are taking notice.

That being said, I have high expectations about people putting their money where their mouth is. If you don’t support crochet where strides are made for it to be available, you can’t complain about not having the opportunity.

Now is here. Here is now. Go forth and register for crochet classes at Vogue Knitting Live. If mine don’t float ya boat, you have options. Partake.

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