VKLNY2020 Afterglow

There is so much to say and share. My first national crochet teaching gig is in the books, and I’d like to thank all who supported my journey!

Thanks to @Uber for getting me to and from home and hotel safely and comfortably.

Thanks to The Row Hotel for the fantastic staff, the VIP upgrade and having the closest accommodations…one block walking distance for the win!

Thank you to @CityKitchen: @Dough, @GabrielasTacqueria @LukesLobster for coffee, good food and coffee. Yes, I said coffee twice, ’cause it’s important! #CoffeeIsLIFE

Congratulations on Vogue Knitting Live’s 10th Anniversary.

Thank you to Soho Publishing for the opportunity to teach, making more crochet classes available, and being intentional in your effort to include a greater variety of diversity and a more obvious presence of BIPOC across all aspects of your event.

Thank you to the Diversity Council for the depth of your groundbreaking work and setting an example for other corporations to model their efforts upon. I appreciate what you’ve worked with Vogue to accomplish, which is to the benefit of both the consumers and the industry. Vogue. Kept. Their. Word. #VogueKeptTheirWord

It warmed my heart to see all the familiar faces again, even if only once a year!

It was exciting to meet my IG friends in real life! I’m sorry I may have missed a few of you that looked familiar but my likely overstimulated brain couldn’t remember your name / handle! #NoSuchThingAsTooManyHugs

Thank you to my students, (whom I introduced to my late mother as my inspiration; her photo travels with me to yarny events!)…they ROCK! In addition to honoring my request to be fragrance-free, they were sharp enough to spot my errors, forgive me for them and work through them with me (don’t forget to email me for your updated materials!) She who is notorious for spotting typos missed a few of her own! #OhTheHORROR!!! 😉

I appreciate my new students, friends and all who showed up in support of me and crochet! This cannot be a one-shot-wonder or a ‘fluke’; a strong presence requires strong support! #TheForceIsStrongWithUs #ImHereForTheHook

To be a better teacher, I strive to think like, listen to and learn from my students! There may be a comment or question that I can find ways to address: a different technique, a matter of perspective, a nugget of info. Sometimes what is learned isn’t always on the agenda, but being able to provide that builds confidence for you and your students!

I’m grateful for everyone who shared their space with me to join them in breaking bread. That is sacred to me; sharing a meal with someone is a powerful, bonding experience.

I’m proud to have been able to #SpeakWithMyWallet and reinvest some of my teaching fees back into the BIPOC indie dyer community, as well as promote them at every turn!

There are so many nuances and moments, and I’m sure I missed a few things in my hustling around, but overall, I think I can safely say this was the best VKLNY yet! #knittinglive

I plan to create a photo album for my pictures and videos, so they’re not scattered all over the interwebs…keep your popcorn handy! 😉

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